Neal Hribar's answers to 26 questions to ask your
real estate agent before listing your home.

  1. How long have you been a real estate professional?  For 40 years, including 10 years in Portland, Oregon and 30 in San Diego.
  2. Is real estate your full-time career?  Yes! It's my total focus.
  3. How many clients have you served and may I review your client list?  Almost a thousand. The names of the most recent ones are available.
  4. May I see some letters of testimony from your clients?  Letters from my most recent clients are available. You may also view the testimonial page on this website.
  5. What share of your business comes from repeat clients and referrals?  About half.
  6. What is the size and market share of BHHS California Properties?  BHHS California Properties has the largest share of the residential real estate market in San Diego County. Plus, our huge international relocation service will expose your home to qualified buyers.
  7. How do you rank compared with other agents in your company?   In the top 5 percent.
  8. Have you sold any homes in my area?  A list of my most recent sales is available.
  9. What is the average market time for your listings?   My listing sell several days faster than the average.
  10. How close to the list price do your listings sell?  Within a few percentage points of the list price.
  11. What percentage of your listings sell during the listing period?  About 90 percent, compared with only about half for all other listings.
  12. What percentage of your escrows actually close?  100 percent of my escrows closed in the last 24 months - one of the highest closing rates in the industry!
  13. How do you ensure that our real estate transaction will close smoothly and on time?  A detailed check list is used to carefully manage your transaction.
  14. Please explain your professional fee structure.  We will review my variable fee commission plan at our first meeting.
  15. Do you have a written market plan to sell my home?  I follow a powerful 7-stage home market plan to sell your home and close it on time.
  16. Are "open houses" a part of your marketing plan?  Not usually, since statistics show that less than two percent of homes sell from "open houses". See who really benefits from open houses. I will put your home on a broker caravan so that other agents can easily preview it.
  17. May I see examples of the materials you will use to market my home?  Yes! Examples of my marketing materials can be seen in my powerful 7-stage home market plan.
  18. Will you help us enhance our home for a quicker sale at a higher price?  Absolutely! I offer the most comprehensive home staging program in the industry.
  19. Do you have an Internet website to feature my home for sale?  Yes! My website presents all the special features of your home along with custom photos and a virtual tour.
  20. What other websites do you use to feature my home for sale?  Your home will be featured on hundreds of web sites including,,,,, and and many others.
  21. How many people visit your website each month?  About 35,000 people. More buyers call me from my website than from "for sale" signs or printed ads combined!
  22. If we select you as our real estate agent, will we deal directly with you or with your assistant?  Directly with me.
  23. How often will we be in contact after we sign the listing agreement?  At least once each week in person or by phone . We will also communicate by e-mail.
  24. How will you let us know what prospective buyers think about our home?  A custom-designed e-mail form will provide you with detailed written feedback on all showings.
  25. Who is your manager and may we contact him?  My broker is Ron Sanford. You may reach him at 760-431-3330.
  26. Have you ever been involved in litigation on a real estate transaction?  No!

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