home staging and property enhancement

Home staging gives San Diego home sellers a big advantage!

Prepare your home to sell with home staging

Have you noticed that brand new homes sell in both good markets and in bad? That's because builders create beautiful model homes with strong visual and emotional appeal. Buyers are drawn to these fresh, well-decorated homes that are well-maintained and in perfect condition. With that in mind, Neal Hribar developed the most comprehensive San Diego home staging program in the real estate industry to help his clients sell their homes. He has become one of the top home staging Realtors® in the nation.   Click here to see examples of home staging.

Why is home staging so important?

First impressions are everything and buyers form an immediate opinion of your home within moments of entering. If a buyer doesn't get excited when they walk in the front door, you may never get another chance to change their mind! That's why home staging is so important to help you achieve a quick sale at the best price. Home staging creates the right first impression in the minds of potential buyers.

Make your home more appealing

Home staging is also called home enhancement or property enhancement. On the east coast they sometimes call it home fluffing. The goal of Neal's San Diego home staging program is to present his clients properties at their best - just like new homes - so they sell quickly and for the highest price. When he stages a client's home, Neal strives to create that perfect model-home look that excites buyers.
Home staging and home enhancement

 Click here to see examples of home staging

Enhance your home with care

Neal's San Diego home staging program makes his client's properties look great, while spending the least amount of money. After listing a home for sale he carefully inspects it, looking for things that might detract from a potential sale. Then, he puts together a written list of recommendations and a home staging budget. Once the seller has reviewed and agreed to the items on the list, Neal will schedule and supervise the work for you. It's that simple - it's that easy!

The easy way to home stage!

When you list your home for sale with Neal Hribar, home staging is a breeze. He's a San Diego home staging Realtor® who works with highly trained professionals who know exactly how to make your home show at its best. Many have worked with Neal for years and they have helped to enhance hundreds of homes just like yours. Under Neal's careful supervision, most home enhancement projects are completed in about a week and on budget.
Home staging and home enhancement

Home staging is important

Neal believes that home staging is a critical part of being a true real estate professional. Less experienced real estate agents often lack the confidence or the trained eye to discuss property enhancement with their clients. It's a real disservice to market a home in "as is" condition because thousands of dollars are left on the table . . plus it take longer to sell. So, when you list your home for sale, make sure you hire a home staging Realtor®

Want to stage your home for sale but you don't live in San Diego?

If you're selling your home and want to find a real estate agent in your area who can offer you the advantages of home staging, call Neal Hribar or check the box below for a referral. He will find a home staging Realtor® in your area who will help sell your home for more money. There's no charge for this real estate agent referral service.

You'll lose money if you don't stage your home

When showing homes to buyers, Neal is often amazed at how poorly some homes present. Even the most simple and basic things such as a good interior cleaning, touch-up painting and minor yard work are often ignored. Homes that have not been enhanced are the ones that sit on the market for a long time or they receive "low ball" offers. Don't make this costly mistake! Call Neal Hribar to take advantage of the most comprehensive San Diego home staging program in the real estate industry.   Click here to see examples of home staging.

Here are some typical home staging tips and ideas

Professionally clean every inch and corner of your home.
Touch-up paint the interior or repaint it completely in a rich designer color with crisp white trim.
Pressure-wash the exterior siding, patios and walkways for a clean fresh look.
Repaint the exterior trim, shutters and the front door.
Install a new doorbell button and chime with a pleasing sound.
Place a new friendly welcome mat at the front door.
Clean the entry lock set or install a new bright brass one at the front door.
Install new shiny exterior light fixtures.
Replace broken windows including bad dual-pane windows and have all windows professionally cleaned.
Repair or replace broken window screens and bent frames.
Make needed repairs throughout the house and take care of deferred maintenance.
Fix dripping faucets and replace discolored, rust-stained sinks.
Lubricate squeaky doors so they are not a distraction.
Replace burned-out light bulbs and clean or install new interior light fixtures.
Install bright quartz halogen bulbs in recessed fixtures in dark areas of your home.
Get rid of unused clothing and organize your closets to make them appear larger.
Replace old interior door hardware with new bright fixtures.
Re-caulk tubs, showers and countertops with fresh white grout and acid-wash the countertops and shower bottoms.
Clean and add, remove or replace window coverings. Two inch wood blinds with detailed valances are a great look for the money.
Clean, repair and re-stretch or replace carpeting.
Clean and organize the garage, attic and basement. Rent a public storage unit if necessary.
Finish the garage walls and paint them and the floor.
Renovate the landscape, reseed the lawn, add color and repair the irrigation system.
If you have a pool or spa, clean and maintain it perfectly.
Remove dark tinting from windows to allow maximum light.
Pack and store collections that may detract from the features of your home.
Replace old dirty ivory electrical switches and receptacles with contemporary white Decora fixtures.
Remove those small throw rugs and plastic runners to give a more open feel.
Re-arrange, remove or add furniture where needed.

Home staging and home enhancement - Staged Carlsbad home

 Click here to see examples of home staging

Home staging is a great investment

Most enhancement projects are very reasonable and cost a lot less than what you'd expect. Neal's clients typically spend less than $5,000 for home staging and the results far outweigh the money spent. For every dollar you spend preparing your home for sale, you'll get a return of two to three times your investment. That means for every $5,000 you invest to stage your home, you can expect an increased sales price of $10,000 to $15,000. Plus, your home will sell more quickly!

Your home never looked so good

Many people select Neal to market their homes because they know his San Diego home staging program will make their home stand out from the rest. He's turned home staging into an art. They often tell him, "Our home never looked as beautiful as it does now that you've enhanced it to sell."
Home staging and home enhancement creates homes that sell for more.

The results speak for themselves

Neal has a reputation for enhancing homes so that they look sharp. Other agents know this and they're eager to show Neal's listings to their buyers. 90 percent of his listings sell during the listing period, compared with only 33% for all other listings. Neal's listings sell for 95% of the list price, compared with 92% for all other agents. The average market time for his listings to sell is only 52 days, compared with more than 100 days for all other listings.

Home staging is a free service

Neal's property enhancement program is a valuable free service for his clients. This home staging Realtor® does all the work and there's no extra charge for his enhancement program! So, when selling your home, don't settle for anything but the best. Get the competitive advantage that you deserve by calling Neal Hribar to enhance your home to sell. His San Diego home staging services will sell your home faster and for a higher price.   Click here to see examples of home staging.

Want to stage your home for sale but you don't live in San Diego?

If you're selling your home and want to find a real estate agent in your area who can offer you the advantages of home staging, call Neal Hribar or check the box below for a referral. He knows how to find a home staging Realtor® in your area who will help you sell your home for more money. There's no charge for this service.

Would you like to learn more about home staging?

Neal has prepared a free home enhancement package to help you stage your home for sale. This package includes articles he has written on home staging plus reprints from various magazines and professional journals.

This free package covers every detail on home staging including: how to create a great first impression, how to gain a real advantage in selling your home, what you must do to enhance the exterior, how staging results in a faster sale and richer price, more "before" and "after" photos, packaging the interior and a section on extra details.

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