San Diego Weather Radar

San Diego weather radar loop

What is San Diego weather radar?

Weather radar locates precipitation, calculates its motion and determines if it is rain, snow or hail. The live San Diego weather radar loop detects the movement of rain droplets and predicts the future position and the intensity of the precipitation. This data helps determine the nature of San Diego storms, their potential to cause severe weather and is a valuable tool for predicting the San Diego weather forecast.

How to use the San Diego weather radar

This live weather radar loop shows precipitation in the San Diego area, which varies greatly among the four San Diego microclimates. Colors on the San Diego radar map range from shades of green to yellow and red as the intensity of the storms increase.
San Diego weather radar

How does San Diego weather radar work?

Radar (Radio Detection And Ranging) transmits bursts of microwave energy in all directions. When it strikes an object, such as rain drops or snow, the pulses of energy are scattered everywhere. But, some of the microwave energy is reflected back to the sending unit where it is measured and analyzed by computers.
Using the pulse-doppler technique of emitting bursts of energy, rather than a continuous signal, San Diego weather radar measures the position and distance of precipitation. Note that the live San Diego weather radar loop depicts actual precipitation whereas the San Diego weather satellite image displays clouds and cloud systems.

More on San Diego weather radar

The process of sending out a signal, listening for a returned signal and then sending the next signal, takes place very fast - up to 1300 times per second. With the ability to scan up and down (elevation scanning) and in a circle in all directions (azimuthal scanning), San Diego weather radar measures the three-dimensional patterns of precipitation within 100 miles.
Computers analyze the returned signals and the time it takes to travel to the object and back. Then, the information is processed into an easy-to-read live San Diego radar map that helps predict the San Diego weather forecast for the different San Diego microclimates.

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