Top home showing tips for sellers

Your real estate agent has just called to make an appointment to show your home to a prospective buyer. You've already enhanced your home using Neal Hribar's home staging program. Here's some top home showing tips that will really impress the buyer and increase your odds of getting an offer.
First impressions
 Assign jobs ahead of time so the family can take quick action when a showing is scheduled.
 Make sure the yard is manicured and the drive and walkways are swept clean.
 Store garden tools, bicycles, kid's toys and athletic equipment out of sight.
 Keep cars in the garage, not in the driveway or in front of the house.
 Be sure your yard is enhanced and looking it's best.
 Open all the window shades, shutters and draperies to let in maximum light.
 Use the appropriate wattage and frequency in lighting - not too dark and not too bright.
 Install mirrors to magnify the feeling of light and openness.
 Turn on lights throughout the house including the closets, basement and garage.
 Install additional fixtures or increase bulb wattage in dark areas to improve the lighting.
 For evening showings, turn on the front porch light and other exterior lighting.
 Everything in your home should be spotless.
 Neatness makes a room easier to view. So, make sure all the rooms are tidy and uncluttered.
 Store toys and personal items out of the main living areas - in storage or secondary rooms.
 In the bathrooms, clean the sinks, floors and baths. Put out fresh towels.
 In the kitchen, put away all dishes and clean the countertops and sinks.
 Start a fire in the fireplace in the fall or winter months.
 Light a candle or two to create a peaceful atmosphere.
 Install fresh flowers and rich green plants throughout the house
 Avoid spray fragrances or room deodorizers which may be offensive to some buyers.
 Light a scented candle to create a pleasant fragrance.
 Grind fresh lemon in the garbage disposal or boil cinnamon sticks to add a fresh scent.
 Open the windows to air out the odor of strong-smelling foods, smoke or pets.
 Play beautiful, soft, romantic, instrumental background music.
 Everybody loves the sound of water. Turn on the garden fountains.
 Turn off the television and radio because they are a distraction to buyers.
 Run your washer, dryer and dishwasher at times when your home is not being shown.
 Keep the windows closed if there is road or other exterior noise at your house.
 Leave the house during showings and let your agent do his job.
 Keep pets out of the way or better yet - take them for a walk during the showing.
 Put all your jewelry, valuables and prescription drugs out of sight.
 Be sure the property brochures are in a conspicuous place for buyers to see.
 Leave neighborhood information and HOA newsletters near the property brochures.
 Don't discuss any negative features of your home with the prospective buyers.

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