What can home sellers do to get the best price for their home?

Every seller dreams of selling their home quickly with multiple offers pushing the sales price higher than the list price. While market conditions play the major role in how fast homes sell, there are certain things you can do to help sell your home quickly and for the best price.
First, make sure that you are really committed to selling your home. Putting it on the market without wanting to sell is a big mistake. It usually leads to unrealistic pricing and experience shows that over-priced listings do not sell. If your motivation changes and you become serious about selling, it may be difficult to generate interest in your property.
After you have decided to sell your home, find out the current market value. Then fix it up for sale. A good real estate agent will help you determine the market value of your home and advise you about enhancing it to sell. Select a reputable agent who is active in your neighborhood. If you don't know someone, ask a friend or neighbor for a recommendation. Use Neal Hribar's 26 important questions as a guide to interviewing agents.
Fixing up your home for sale does not have to be expensive. To start, most homes have too much clutter, which is distracting. Buyers need to see a home clearly to get attached to it. If it's crammed with personal possessions, or over-furnished, it may be hard for buyers to imagine themselves living there. Also, too much furniture makes a home appear smaller than it is. You might want to rent a storage unit to store unused possessions while your home is on the market. Find a convenient location in case you need to retrieve something from storage and remember to keep financial records safely at home.
Paint and elbow grease can go a long way in making a home show at its best. Make it as spotless as possible, including the windows and carpeting. Use neutral colors when painting or changing floor coverings. See Neal Hribar's home staging program for more information on preparing your home for sale.
MORE HINTS:  Make your home easy to show. Real estate agents like to show listings that are priced right, in good condition and easy to show. The more a home is shown, the faster it sells. And, usually the quicker the sale, the higher the price.
A lockbox makes it easy for agents to show a home. It also makes life easy for the sellers. Agents call for an appointment and let themselves in using the lockbox. They have controlled access to the property and sellers don't have to wait around for them to show up. If a lockbox is not feasible, ask your real estate agent to set up a procedure that will make it easy for your home to be shown.
Before making a final decision about purchasing a home, buyers want to take a close look at it. They feel inhibited if the sellers are around the house. So, it's best for them to leave during showings so the buyers can examine all the things they really want to see, such as built-in cabinets and closets. When buyers are free to express their negative comments, these issues can usually be resolved by an experienced selling agent.

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